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Realistic Tattoos

I recently started to work more on realistic tattoos. I love to combine them with abstract elements and include geometric lines, in order to give the customer a less common tattoo. The objective of realistic tattoos is to make it look as real as possible – to combine this with other styles, makes it even more interesting.

Dot Work Tattoos

Its simply great what you can accomplish just by stippling dots into skin! The result of dotwork tattoos can be very impressive and you can get a more three-dimensional look than with any other technique. I love to use this method for portraits, animals or other objects. Also mandalas and all kinds of patterns are ideal dot work themes to bring under the skin.

Tattoo and Travel

Right  now I am traveling around the globe and keep potential customers informed, if I come across their neighbourhood.
If you´re interested in an appointment, I will happily answer all requests regarding tattoos and immortalize my artwork into anybody who crosses my path.

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Geometric Tattoos

I was always a bit obsessed with geometrical artwork and I am amazed to see how much it is integrated in nature and most aspects of life. I love to combine geometric elements with almost every kind of other styles and make it more extraordinary in this way.


Watercolor is an ideal technique for me to implement realistic images. The trick is to combine transparent color layers within eachother and not only having great effects, but also creating visual depth into the skin.

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